Friday, April 22, 2011

Garden Update

Unlike Laura, I do not have much garden space. Matt build me a 5 by4 foot raised bed and I also use large containers for tomatoes. In the raised bed I've got my peas growing (in the very back), lettuce going around the edge, and spinach (it's tiny--but it's there!) between the lettuce. Carrots are still in the mini greenhouse.

Matt and I are taking a European vacation this summer! Fun! However, that means I will have to leave my garden for something like 21 days. Not fun. Any ideas on what I can do to
keep my plants alive? (PS: I live in a condo. do not have a hose. do not have a cute neighborhood girl who can come water my plants for me.).


  1. How about something like this:

    Although I'm not sure if it could work for how long you will be gone for.

  2. Soaker hose? They have H20 timers that attach to a faucet at Target ($15) then you could just set it to come on everyday for like an hour or so, sort of like the light timers that you can plug into your lamps when you are gone.