Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Superlatives

Well, I feel as though my idea for a top whatever was stole right underneath me. But since Elle has been blogging better than I, I will forgive.
Here some memorable events of 2011, cheers!
Best purchase: Zorro (or D'Angelo if you prefer) hands down. I can not tell you how much I love love love waking up to an espresso bar in my house. It has triggered my inner coffee-snob-ness.

Most blog-worthy meal that didn't make it to the blog: Daniel's Thai Pork and Noodle Soup. It was so good, and could be adapted to veggie friendly. If you don't know, I had a New Year's resolution last year to make one new meal a week. As far as New Year's resolutions, I did pretty good (faltered in June, right after school was out). I am lucky enough that I have a wonderful husband who likes to (and is good at) cook. He took up my yoke and continued on with the

Roast Beefyist: Kelly's Roast Beef in Revere (just ride Daniel's favorite blue line train)
Worst overall (in the everything category): My garden which produced such a weak harvest that it seemed that the only thing I could grow this year was albino carrots.

Most likely to take a snakey lick: Atticus salivating over Ellen's breakfast in July.
Best food product that I didn't' know I was missing out on: Fluff

There you have it...that was my year in a nut shell.
And in case you were wondering, I did make a resolution for this year. My goal is to become less wasteful in all aspects of my life, but particularly with food. I already recycle everything that could possibly be recycled, but I noticed that we have a hard time finishing produce, fruit, etc. before it goes bad. So this year I will try to purchase only what I need, and then eat/cook/freeze/dry the leftovers. "Precycle" if you will. Hold me to it Charders.
Anyone else have any superlatives to share? Resolutions?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dr. Change or: How I learned to stop worrying, finished school, moved to NOLA, and grew my first very own tomato

Happy belated everything.

I'm pretty sure there are some blog rules out there that mandate some sort of "BEST" list.  As 2011 fades away and the year in which no one will talk about anything other than the freakin Mayans starts, let us reflect.

Most utilized new meal: Egg tortilla wraps

New Ingredient to cook with I liked most: Tie between collards and eggs

Favorite food party: My birthday. Duh. Don't worry, you can come this year.

"Best" worst thing I made: Burned bread representing everything I overcooked in my %#@*&^ evil oven before I got an oven thermometer (thanks mom!)

Favorite meal out: Brigsen's (thanks to Erik's parents) for classy, India Pavilion in Cambridge after soaking in a japanese hot tub. Pickels in NYC eaten straight from the barrel.

Food things I miss most about Boston: Indian food. Trader Joe's. Friendly Toast. Myers and Chang fried rice. Pho Pasteur. The Otherside (pre rats).

Food things I like most about New Orleans: Affordable and plentiful year round farmer's markets. Surreys. Sweet potato pancakes at Slim Goodies. Happy Hours. Growing veggies outside in December.

To 2012. May the year be full of good food and pretty sunsets.