Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally the winner!

I have to apologize for my lack of blogging. I am almost finished with many a culmination of two years of work and many many hours of sitting in a tiny closet of an office with no windows. I am 99% back to a being human. The other 1% is still preoccupied with things I must accomplish by the end of this week (ie. eat a wrap from the SURC for the last time, finish a billion "reflections" and clean out my desk/office). My cooking/eating/living brain will be back soon, I promise.
Thank you for all the suggestions. I need to say the contest was tough. Daniel particularly enjoyed No Diggity. Boo would be perfect, but Elle is correct about it being a perfect cat name. Without further adieu-the winning name is Zorro. I found this name to be perfect for our new friend as I can whip up an iced Americano with room, in 20 seconds or less. He is a speedy devil. Props to Madame Destiny...close to winning but he was always a "he" in my mind. Congratulations to our winner and runner up! You both will receive coffee cards to the Longoria coffee shack!

Side note: the name DeAngelo was suggested by someone who shall remain anonymous. However, since the name was not posted, it was not considered as an entry. If it had been, the outcome, perhaps, would have been different.....


  1. YESSSSS!! I would like to thank wikipedia for giving me the description of Zorro that led to my suggestion. Also my friends and family.
    I plan on making use of my winnings soon.

  2. I suppose it's only natural that the sister came in first place and the best friend came in 2nd. I'm OK with 2nd. Especially since it means I still get a Longoria espresso in the (near?) future.