Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Northeast Vacay: Part I (aka: why I don't eat lobster)

Chelllloooo folks-
As you may or may not know we had a LotC meet up in the Northeast last week. From Beantown to Maine, we vacationed, and ate hard. It was fabulous, but I seemed to catch Ms. Ellen's stomach flu from somewhere...I blame it on the screaming baby sitting in front of us on the plane. Instead of Powerade, I am clutching a bowl of jello and watching Anthony Bourdain eat tons of great Indian food that I can only dream about. I digress...
First stop in our great NE adventure was Maine. One of the first activities we were treated to was the rehearsal dinner at our B&B: The Bear Mountain Inn.
Daniel was very excited about all the good eats. We were then informed that in the NE, lobsters are called bugs. Gross. In short, this is why I pass on Lobster...though I do love me a crab cake!
P.S. Chelo: School of Rock reference.

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  1. The picture of Daniel eating a bug is hilarious primarily because of Nathan's (I think?) head jaunting awkwardly in the background...haha