Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The First Official Blog Contest!

The Longoria family has invested in a new kitchen appliance...or should I say a new family member. Ironically, I was not the catalyst in decision: Operation Espresso Machine. Daniel, the naysayer of all things coffee-for as long as I have known him, decided that as an alternative to his morning chocolate milk he would like a mocha instead. Thus, the search commenced. After chatting it up with a Sur La Table employee for a lengthy amount of time he concluded that the Breville was for us. He (she?) arrived last week and we have been LOVING it! Seriously, words can not express my excitement when I wake up and have a cafe' latte' (as Kramer would say it) within seconds of walking into the kitchen.
To share our good fortune I am hosting the first LoTC contest! All you have to do is think of a clever name that we can call our new family-errr, I mean-kitchen appliance. Post your best idea in the comment section and feel free to enter as many clever names as you can think of. To the reader who posts our favorite name, I will be awarding a complementary coffee card to the Longoria coffee cart (good only at one local)-your pick of drink.
Daniel and I will consider all entries and post the winner next week!
P.S. Sugar detox is over tomorrow! I will be providing a recap of my sugar free weeks shortly.


  1. B.E.V. (Barista, electric version)

  2. Going on the To Kill a Mockingbird theme you have at your house I suggest Boo Radley.

    Although maybe you want to save that if you ever get another cat. That would be a great cat name.

  3. Zorro
    "A dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the people of the land against tyrannical wake up times and other villains."

  4. I am so going to win this contest.

  5. Madame Dest... opps, I mean Madame Espresso

  6. Ok, Madame Destiny is a hilarious suggestion.

    Laura are you going to post the winner? I am on pins and needles!