Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food Related Randomness

Hello chard fans!
Three slices of food related news today. First, the most exciting: Magnum bars have officially landed in the United States! For those of you who have not experienced these AMAZING treats, previously they were only sold in Europe and Mexico (I think I ate them at least everyday I was traveling in those locations) and they are to die for. Recently, I was tipped off by Lord of the Chard's fellow contributor, Leanne, that Magnum bars had surfaced at a store in CA. That was all the info I needed to start my search. Excitingly, I spotted them at my favorite Safeway. Four different flavors, and believe me, the Longoria house will be trying them all.

Secondly, spring has finally sprung here. Yesterday the clouds parted and it was sunny all day. Daniel and I worked on readying the raised garden beds for planting season. I found out that I can plant peas now, so I purchased seeds yesterday. I will need to wait till the beginning of May to plant most everything else. Anyone have suggestions of something weird or interesting I should plant?

Lastly, I have a confession. I love reading old weird cookbooks. From 1970's meat and jello salads to Amish barn raising recipes, I love them all. My mom found a cookbook in an antique store titled An Encyclopedia of Country Living: Old Fashioned Recipe Book. Published in 1981, this book helps the "city" dweller transform and simplify their lives. Topics include: drying and smoking meats, soap making, tanning leather, making your own cosmetics and the frequency of bathing in the winter (once a week). It is hilarious, but also has some wonderful recipes and gardening tips. Plus, as Elle and I grew up enjoying homemade yogurt and eating canned everything, I love a good "back to basic" recipe. So I thought that I would share a recipe that everyone could adapt for their particular city, when you live off the land, you eat what you hunt:
Mouse Pie
1 c. macaroni
1 medium can of tomatoes
1 onion, chopped
5 fat field mice (E-you could use fat city rats)
Salt and Pepper
1 c. cracker crumbs
I will skip the instructions but basically you toss the mice in with the macaroni and bake until the mice are "well-done". The funniest part: the recipe was contributed from a Yakima farmer. I think that I might avoid this one.

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