Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet my new friend Calvin

Please say hello to the newest member of the Longoria family, Calvin the counter top composter. I have been lusting after one of these beauts for a couple of months now: I am very good about composting in the summer, but in the winter I am lazy (too many excuses: I am wearing slippers, it is snowy, it is raining, the mountain dog will jump on me with his muddy paws, etc.). I figured I would wait and just ask for one for my birthday. But then...I spotted Calvin at TJ Maxx for only $14.99. As the fates had it, I happened to have $16 buckaroos in my wallet courtesy of book buyback money (let's not mention how much that book cost me in the first place or the fact that I literally did NOT open it this entire quarter...sigh). Anyway, Calvin accompanied me home and got right to work. To test the "stinkyness" level, I have used him for about a week without emptying the contents into the backyard composter. So far so good, the charcoal filters have been doing their job. No smell from the egg shells, potato skins, suspect slimy lettuce leaves, or coffee grinds have been detected. Calvin is here to stay!

1 comment:

  1. He is quite handsome. Looks like a squat little robot!