Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Less Egg Frittata

Recently I have been trying to eat more eggs. I have been doing more strength training (I can almost do a pull-up!) and have been looking for different ways to up my protein. I eat a lot of beans and tofu but, well, that can get quite boring. Eggs seem like a versatile source of protein but I have never been big on them. Their smell, their wobbly goobly consistency... I've just never been a fan.

In any case I found this recipe for a frittata that seemed like it might be a gateway egg dish. And it was great! I had never made a frittata before so I used a pan that was way too big and had to smoosh all of it to the side to cook, but it still tasted fantastic. For my veggies I used green beans, edamame, corn, spinach, and potatoes. I cooked the potatoes a bit before adding them to make sure they got cooked all of the way through. I also added goat cheese and Sunny Paris which is my current favorite penzeys spice.

I ended up cooking it for more like 13 minutes just because I wanted to make sure there was no wobbly gooblyness, but for those of you more comfortable with egginess I am sure the 10 recommended minutes would be fine. 
Not wobbly goobly!

Do you all have any good egg dishes I should try? I made a mayo free egg salad sandwich the other day and did NOT enjoy it. What is your favorite way to have eggs?

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  1. Yum, that does look good, we must be channeling each other because I too have been trying to eat more eggs. Really, when you think about it, 3 dollars for a dozen free range (and I know that sometimes that doesn't mean there is a difference, but I like to believe that chickens are happy until Daniel lets me have a few of my own)is pretty cheap. I have been scrambling mine, I do not like them liquidy, so I am sure that I over cook them by some people's standards, but I enjoy eating them. I am also going to try hard-boiling (just eat white part, as I hate the yellow). Also, I have a really awesome recipe that I am going to post shortly about how to make strips of egg for your sushi. Egg salad=blech!